Apptitude took the RTS Challenge for 30 hours (almost) non-stop!

ssr srg hackdays

The SSR/SRG held its annual <HACKDAYS/> hackathon this past November in Geneva. An open event where the RTS invites developers from all over Switzerland to participate in collective brainstorming and construction of digital applications that are linked to radio and television content. For this, the RTS made available APIs with all of the data and content for all of its television and radio programs to the participants.

Apptitude loves a challenge, so we jumped at the opportunity to participate!

It was an amazing and wonderful experience. The RTS rolled out the red carpet for all of its participants providing one of the premier conference rooms in the upper floors of the RTS HQ in Geneva with an amazing view overlooking the entire city, backbone speed internet connection and great food, drinks and snacks throughout the event. They even provided sleeping quarters for those devoted hackers (us included J) who wanted to stay on site for the entire 30-hour hack session!

Our idea, ReTroSpective: A web application that uses Google Trends to find the highest trending search terms in the news for a particular month. The application uses these terms to find the most relevant content within the RTS APIs to construct and display a elegantly designed retrospective for the past year with clickable article titles and short video clips.

If you’d like to use the application it is available here.

Feel free to comment :)

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